PFM Advisor

PFM Advisor was founded in 1993 as Personal Financial Management. In 1998, it was incorporated and registered as an investment advisor under the dba, PFM Advisor. We are an independent firm dedicated to assisting a select group of corporate executive clients meet their financial objectives regardless of what financial markets are doing. This gives our clients the peace of mind that comes from knowing your future goals will be achieved regardless of what's going on in the financial markets, the economy or the world

Our business philosophy is built on a foundation of planning, advice and accountability. As an independent firm, we are free to provide advice and make recommendations with the best interest of our clients in mind. We are committed to the delivery of comprehensive values-based and goals-based financial planning services. Our relationship is based on the principle that the understanding of your current financial situation is vital to successfully make prudent decisions concerning your future financial condition. 

Here are some of the companies whose executives we have served:



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